Development of Fiske Brothers Refining Company,
and LUBRIPLATE Lubricants Co.

Fiske Brothers Refining Co., makers of the world-renowned brand of LUBRIPLATE® Lubricants, was founded in 1870. The company is the oldest independent lubricants manufacturer in the United States. Fiske Brothers Refining Co. has been privately held since inception with warehouses in Newark, New Jersey and Toledo, Ohio.

In 2007 the founding name of the company was changed to LUBRIPLATE LUBRICANTS. With this step one wanted to take over the level of awareness of the lubricant brand.
The company is ISO-9001 registered and ISO-21469 compliant.

Corporate, financial and sales headquarters are in Newark. The production facilities are located in the Toledo plant. Distribution warehouses are located in both Toledo and Newark. Research and development of new products and lubricant analysis are carried out by a team of engineers in our own laboratory in Toledo.

The product portfolio includes a wide range of lubricants. In recent years, LUBRIPLATE Lubricants has specialized in the production of synthetic long-life lubricants.
Sales of synthetic long-life lubricants have increased to 20% of the total production volume.


The products of the LUBRIPLATE Lubricants brand have a reputation for particularly good quality and a long service life. Only the highest quality base oils are approved for the production of LUBRIPLATE lubricants.
LUBRIPLATE NSF H-1 registered lubricants have a particularly high reputation in the food and beverage industry.
The company LUBRIPLATE Lubricants was awarded the Gold Readers Choice Award for NSF H-1 approved lubricants by the magazine FOOD PROCESSING, which is distributed and read worldwide. In this election, readers worldwide vote on their satisfaction with the products and the service.
In a recently completed study by PLANT ENGINEERING magazine, LUBRIPLATE Lubricants' food grade lubricants were voted the top NSF H-1 among safety officers.

The original LUBRIPLATE products were developed as greases by an American entrepreneur named Robert Watts in the early 1930's. They revolutionized the lubricants market because of their outstanding anti-wear properties and their unmistakable white colour. Shortly after Robert Watts developed the LUBRIPLATE products, he finally joined Fiske Brothers Refining Co.
He combined his technical and marketing skills with the manufacturing and distribution capabilities of Fiske Brothers Refining resulting in one of the most respected and celebrated lubricants brands in the world: LUBRIPLATE.

LUBRIPLATE lubricants are sold throughout the world by distributors in the industrial, construction, automotive and marine industries.
The sales network also includes independent mineral oil producers who are happy to expand their product range with the LUBRIPLATE brand and in particular with the LUBRIPLATE NSF H-1 registered lubricants.

Die Qualitätskontrolle erfolgt im werkseigenen Laboratorium. Hier werden Kontrollanalysen der Grundstoffe und Additive, jede einzelne Produktcharge sowie Analysen des Kundendienstes vorgenommen.

The company philosophy that the two FISKE brothers followed is still the same today. It is a constant striving to meet the demands of customers, but never losing sight of the most important thing, even if you manufacture a mass product, the quality of the products must not change.

This company philosophy, which has existed for 142 years, is still represented today by every single employee and the management and thus guarantees a consistent quality of our products and a constant further development of them.

This striving was underpinned by the receipt of ISO 9001 certification and the registration of ISO 21469 and will continue to be worked on in the next 142 years.