Guaranteed without MOSH and MOAH

Finke and LUBRIPLATE LUBRICANTS® offer solutions

Wherever food could come into contact with lubricants in the manufacturing or packaging process, food-grade lubricants must be used. As the European Master Distributor of the well-known American manufacturer LUBRIPLATE LUBRICANTS®, Finke Mineralölwerk of the Hoyer Group has a huge portfolio of products to offer for all areas of application. And both companies have long since taken on the subject of MOSH and MOAH.


Every manufacturer wants to avoid mineral oil components in food. In this case, two components must be taken into account: contamination through contact with lubricants and the transfer of mineral oil components from the packaging. The latter has nothing to do with lubricants, but rather with mineral oil components that are found in newspaper printer inks. Printed recycled waste paper that is used to produce food packaging contains a high percentage of mineral oil. These can be transferred from the packaging to the food.

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