LUBRIPLATE FMO lubricating oils are made from the highest quality USP white oils on the market. They offer the maximum in purity and cleanliness and unsurpassed lubricating properties.

LUBRIPLATE lubricants have always been produced to be as non-toxic and as pure as possible. However, within the rules established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Science, Food Safety and Quality Service division for evaluating food ingredients has set very strict guidelines for the lubricants used in food processing establishments where incidental contact with the processed food may occur. These guidelines also apply to the United States Department of Commerce's Fishery Products Monitoring Program. Products in the lubricants category, where incidental contact with the edible product is permissible, fall under Class H-1, which replaces the now-defunct "AA" Class.

LUBRIPLATE FMO lubricants contain antimicrobial agents that delay the growth of bacteria and mold.

SAE 30 grade medium duty oil for general lubrication and chain lubrication.

available containers

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