LUBRIPLATE FMO-350-AW Spray, LUBRIPLATE FGL-1 Spray and LUBRIPLATE Super FML-2 Spray are USDA H-1 certified* for the Use in state-certified meat and poultry processing companies.

Lubricants with USDA H-1 approval* can be used as a lubricant or anti-corrosive for machinery and machinery parts in locations where contact between the lubricated parts and the edible product may occur.

< strong>LUBRIPLATE FMO-350-AW-Spray is an excellent lubricating oil for use in bottling, dairy and food processing machinery including rotors, O-rings, valves, pistons and seals and for general lubrication purposes. LUBRIPLATE FMO-350-AW-Spray is non-toxic, neutral and hygienically harmless.

available containers

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12 x 400 MililitersX