Pure Tac

Pure Tac

Notes on usage:
“These compositions can be used in the food processing, pharmaceutical and packaging machinery industries as a rust inhibitor, on tank cap seals as a release agent, and on machine parts and equipment at locations where a
accidental contact between the lubricated part and the processed food, pharmaceutical or packaged product can occur. The minimum amount that is required to achieve the desired effect on the machine should always be used.”

Typical Properties - (cont.)
Oxidation stability 100 hours 2 psi
Properties of the base oil
Saybolt Viscosity @ 100°F/38°C 6,500 SUS
Saybolt Viscosity @ 210°F /99°C 182 SUS
cinemat. Viscosity at 104°F/40°C 1187 cSt
cinemat. Viscosity at 212°F/100°C 39 cSt
Flash point, °F/°C 420/216
Focal point, °F/°C 470/243
Pour Point, °F/°C 25/-4

LUBRIPLATE Pure Tac is a food grade, NSF H-1 registered* grease for food processing and canning plant applications that use chemically treated water, heat and steam. It is also an excellent open gear grease due to its extreme tack and adhesion. Pure Tac is suitable for all types of medium and low speed bearings. Because it is also exceptionally resistant to water washout, LUBRIPLATE Pure Tac is the ideal grease for hydrostatic cooker chains. It contains antimicrobial agents that delay the growth of bacteria and mold.

available containers

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10x400g CartonX
40x400g CartonX