The LUBRIPLATE SFL series was developed to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern food processing equipment. The synthetic base oil and aluminum complex thickener ensure a wide operating temperature range for all four NLGI consistencies. LUBRIPLATE SFL greases contain antimicrobial agents that retard the growth of bacteria and mold.

Notes on usage:
“These compositions can be used in the food processing, pharmaceutical and packaging machinery industries as rust inhibitors, on fuel tank cap gaskets as release agents, and on machine parts and equipment at locations where there is incidental contact between the lubricated part and the processed food, pharmaceutical or chemical packaged product can occur. The minimum amount that is required to achieve the desired effect on the machine should always be used.”

LUBRIPLATE SFL-1 has an approximate operating temperature range of -60°F/-51°C to 300°F/149°C, making it ideal for freezer and other cold temperature applications where conventional Food grade lubricating greases cannot be used. In addition to its good pumpability at extremely low temperatures, its high shear stability, excellent water resistance and outstanding heavy-duty capability make LUBRIPLATE SFL-1 the only real alternative for extremely low temperature applications where a product is needed that meets USDA 1998 guidelines and is NSF H-1 certified. Available in the 14½ OZ. / 411 g cartridge.

available containers

container present
10x400g CartonX
40x400g CartonX