The lubricants of the LUBRIPLATE FMO-AW series were developed to meet the continuously increasing demands in terms of load capacity, speed and temperatures that are placed on modern food processing machines. These high-quality food-processing machinery lubricants are formulated only with non-toxic USP white oils and are fortified with antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear agents and foam inhibitors. They are recognized by the NSF as Class H-1 lubricants, allowing them to be used in applications where incidental contact with the edible product may occur. They can therefore be used as lubricants and rust inhibitors for machines and machine parts in food processing companies. All of these oils are zinc-free.

They contain antimicrobial agents that delay the growth of bacteria and mold.


LUBRIPLATE FMO-2400-AW & FMO-1100-AW passed the following test:
12 levels of the FZG transmission test.

LUBRIPLATE FMO-350-AW passed the following hydraulic pump tests:
Vickers 35VQ25 vane pump test
Vickers V-104C (ASTM D-2882) Vane Pump Test
Racine Models “S” - Variable Volume Vane Pump Test

And meets the following specifications:
Vickers M-2950-S
Vickers I-286-S

LUBRIPLATE FMO-200-AW also passed the following test:
Racine “S” Models - Variable Volume Vane Pump Test
4-BALL WEAR TEST 85-AW 150-AW 200-AW 350-AW 500-AW 900-AW 1100-AW 1700-AW2400-AW 3800-AW
(ASTM D-4172)

40 kg, 1200 rpm
167°F/75°C, 1 hour
Average wear
Scratch diameter, mm 0.43 0.39 0.41 0.36 0.38 0.38 0.38 0.38 0.38 0.38

(ASTM D-943) 85AW 150AW 200AW 350AW 500AW 900AW 1100AW 1700AW 2400AW 3800AW

Hours to neutralize 2.0 10,000+ pending 10,000+ 10,000+ 10,000+ 10,000+ 10,000+ 10,000+ 8,000+ 5,000+

*NSF H-1 Registration No. 122670 132661 122668 122665 122664 122675 122687 122667 122671 122673
(Meets USDA 1998 guidelines) 126089 (Spray)

*Approved by NSF for use in food processing plants as a lubricant or rust inhibitor for machinery where incidental contact of the lubricated parts with the edible product may occur.

*NSF - National Sanitation Foundation
Manufactured from FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 compliant components.

NOTE: LUBRIPLATE FMO-150-AW has been submitted for OU Kosher Pareve certification.

Lubricants in the LUBRIPLATE FMO-AW series have a high viscosity index and high aniline point, making them ideal for hydraulic systems, chains, gear boxes, air line lubricators and general lubrication applications.

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