LUBRIPLATE Pure Flush is a lubricating, flushing and cleaning oil that can be used in food processing and pharmaceutical plants wherever contact between the lubricated machine parts and the edible product is possible.< /p>

LUBRIPLATE Pure Flush can be used to clean and flush bearings, gear cases, hydraulic systems, central lubrication systems, chains and air lines on air tools.

LUBRIPLATE Pure Flush has excellent cleaning properties and good resilience, but should always be used together with the lubricant used for regular rinsing and cleaning.

LUBRIPLATE Pure Flush is a mineral oil based lubricant. The product is fully compatible with other mineral oil-based lubricants such as USP white oils, technical white oils or mineral oils based on paraffin or naphthene. LUBRIPLATE Pure Flush is also compatible with synthetic oils that are considered compatible with mineral oil-based products such as B. polyalphaolefin (PAO) products are known. LUBRIPLATE Pure Flush is also compatible with seals and elastomers compatible with mineral oil based lubricants. (If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact our technical service.)

Also refer to Instruction Sheet 8-20A for more information.

LUBRIPLATE Pure Flush is a non-drying cleaner with lubricating properties that can be used alongside the usual lubricant to clean machines of carbon deposits, sludge, dirt, etc. without having to disassemble the entire machine . This saves labor costs, downtime, spare parts, etc.

LUBRIPLATE PM-500 has been used with great success in pear peelers and other applications that require a USDA H-1 certified* white oil.

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