SFGO Ultra 7

SFGO Ultra 7

The LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra Series meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 and FDA 21 CFR 172.882. All four viscosity grades are suitable for applications where incidental contact with the edible product may occur.

The LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra series contains antimicrobial agents that delay the growth of bacteria and mold.
The LUBRIPLATE Division recommends the use of the LUBRIPLATE Lubricating Oil Analysis program to determine air compressor oil drain intervals. Under normal operating conditions, the service life can be 2,000 to 4,000 hours. However, various contaminants, moisture and other factors can reduce the useful life of the oil. Therefore, a lubricating oil analysis is very helpful in order to maximize the service life. Contact your LUBRIPLATE licensed dealer for more information on the LUBRIPLATE lubricating oil analysis program.

LUBRIPLATE “SFGO Ultra” Series – 7, 32, 46 & 68:
The advantages of LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra Lubricating Oils include:

  • Excellent heat stability for extended use.
  • Particularly good oxidation resistance.
  • Outstanding anti-wear properties for longer device life.
  • Exceptional water separation capacity.
  • Excellent corrosion inhibition.
  • High viscosity indices and low pour points for optimal performance over a wide operating temperature range.
  • Particularly good cleanliness properties.
  • Excellent compatibility with a wide range of elastomers, seals, plastics and paints.

The lubricating oils of the LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra series are compatible with other LUBRIPLATE
products such as B. the LUBRIPLATE AC oils, the LUBRIPLATE HO oils, the LUBRIPLATE FMO series
and the LUBRIPLATE FMO-AW series. Before using a lubricant that may
is not compatible with PAO-based oils, you should always
switch to an SFGO lubricating oil first clarify the compatibility with LUBRIPLATE.

*NSF H-1 registration no. 125679 125680 125678 125681
(meets USDA 1998 guidelines)

*Approved by NSF for use in food processing plants as a lubricant or rust inhibitor for machinery where incidental contact of the lubricated parts with the edible product may occur.

*NSF - National Sanitation Foundation
Manufactured from FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 compliant components.

The LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra series is recommended for rotary screw, rotary vane and piston air compressors. It is also excellent for hydraulic systems, pumps, motors, bearings, chains and air line lubricators.

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