LUBRIPLATE STO-FG contains antimicrobial agents that delay the growth of bacteria and mold.

*NSF H-1 registration number 126120
(meets USDA 1998 guidelines)

*Approved by NSF for use in food processing plants as a lubricant or rust inhibitor for machinery where incidental contact of the lubricated parts with the edible product may occur.

*NSF - National Sanitation Foundation
Manufactured from FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 compliant components.

LUBRIPLATE STO-FG is a specially composed oil for the lubrication of brackets on bottling machines. LUBRIPLATE STO-FG has excellent emulsifying properties and forms a lubricating film on metal surfaces even in high humidity.
LUBRIPLATE STO-FG is also enriched with dispersion additives that prevent that unwanted residues are deposited on the metal surfaces. This anti-wear oil is designed for areas where "accidental contact" with the edible product requires USDA H-1 approval*.

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