LUBRIPLATE SYN-H1-220 is a polyalkylene glycol

These unique bio-based, biodegradable, NSF H-1 registered high performance food grade lubricants are fortified with boron nitride. The boron nitride ensures that once the bio-based oil is dissolved, all that remains is a light, clean lubricating powder. The products are designed for high temperature applications and withstand extreme temperatures of up to 1000ºF/538°C. They guarantee a significantly better performance than lubricants based on black graphite, PTFE and molybdenum disulphide. They were developed for a wide range of oven chain applications in the food and non-food sectors, such as B.: Bakery ovens, paint curing systems, drying ovens, frame stretchers, etc. Low volatility for increased fire safety. To ensure an even distribution of the solid lubricant particles, the LUBRIPLATE Syn Boc oils must be shaken before use. Some kegs are equipped with stirring devices. Please check with your LUBRIPLATE District Manager.


  • Roller chains on oven conveyor belts in paint shops
  • Lithography applications drying ovens
  • Beverage can filling lines, oven rollers, cement factories
  • Frame tenters in textile factories Chains in bakery ovens
  • Kiln Car Wheel Bearings/Industrial Furnaces Automatic Lubrication Systems (Note)
  • Permanently lubricated units other

Features and advantages

  • Higher viscosity index than typically found in other synthetics
  • Energy conservation through clean film technology
  • Inherently better heat and shear stability
  • Optimum viscosity for higher resilience
  • Extremely low volatility for improved fire safety
  • Innovative, synthetic high-performance lubricating oils for chain applications
  • Designed for extremely high temperature applications
  • Biodegradable/Eco-friendly, leaves no residue, no VOCs
  • NSF H-1 registered, food grade
  • Excellent coefficient of friction for lower energy consumption

available containers

container present
19 litersX
208 litersX