LUBRIPLATE SYN-H1-220 is a polyalkylene glycol based synthetic chain, bearing and gear lubricant specially formulated for use at elevated temperatures and where a food grade lubricant is required. LUBRIPLATE SYN-H1-220 is specially formulated for food processing machinery where incidental contact with the edible product is possible and is manufactured from ingredients that meet the requirements of F.D.A. 21 CFR 178.3570 and USDA Class H-1 compliant. With its excellent loading capacity it is also suitable for non-food applications where a polyalkylene glycol based synthetic oil is required.

LUBRIPLATE SYN-H1-220 is also suitable for bearings and gears exposed to high temperatures up to 400°F/204°C for long periods of time. Due to its excellent resilience - passed 12 levels in the FZG gear test - you can be sure that your bearings and gears will receive the best possible wear protection even under the toughest operating conditions. LUBRIPLATE SYN-H1-220 has excellent lubricity that reduces friction and lowers oil temperatures. It also offers excellent thermal and oxidation stability, guaranteeing a longer service life.

LUBRIPLATE SYN-H1-220 is suitable for chain applications where air temperatures exceed 400°F/204°C and up to 600°F/316°C and the lubricant is not exposed to open flames or sources of ignition. When exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods, LUBRIPLATE SYN-H1-220 does not form hard carbon residues like conventional petroleum and polyalphaolefin-based lubricating oils, leaving only minimal, soft residues that break up easily be removed.

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